Gift Cards

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Is there someone that you would love to surprise with a gift from The Acappella Company? Yes, but perhaps you don’t really know what they want, what they already have, what they need, or… well, sometimes it can just be too confusing or you may be unsure. Why not present them with an Acappella Music Store virtual gift card instead? It’s the perfect solution for any gift-giving event or situation!

Gift Card Thumbnail Grid

$10 Gift Certificate
Price: $10.00
$25 Gift Certificate
Price: $25.00
$50 Gift Certificate
Price: $50.00
$110 Gift Certificate
Price: $100.00

Downloading Your Virtual Gift Card Purchase

After purchasing a virtual gift card, you will receive an email with a link to the virtual gift card that can be used for either printing from a printer connected to your computer or saving as a PDF document. Click the link in the email to print or save the virtual gift card. The gift card can then be presented to the recipient in either printed form or as a digital file that can be delivered electronically.

Redeeming a Virtual Gift Card

Each virtual gift card is encoded with a unique redemption code printed on it that can be entered during checkout as part of the transaction payment process. The code can be used for multiple transactions until the full amount of the certificate has been fully used. If there is a checkout balance remaining for the products in your cart after the gift card code has been applied, an additional method of payment will need to be applied to complete the transaction.